I'll Be The Dog

by Sam Arnold

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This is the 4th album in the quadrilogy, released in 2014.


released June 28, 2014

All songs written by Sam Arnold
MIxed by Sam with help from Greg Yancey
Most acoustic guitar and drums recorded by Greg Yancey
Mastered by Greg Yancey
Album Cover by Alicia Traveria



all rights reserved


Sam Arnold Austin, Texas

samarnoldmusic.com Sam Arnold is a musician living in Austin TX. He plays guitar and sings for prog-punkers Opposite Day, and plays bass in Stop Motion Orchestra. In 2007, he produced his first solo album, followed by a quadrilogy of albums through 2014. On the latest album, he has a band of all-star geniuses called "Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers." He also makes electronic music. ... more

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Track Name: Ink Attack Plan
VS 1:
Funny head man with an ink attack plan
rings hanging bells with eight of his hands

has a beak behind a fin
funny head man does the thing again

stands the man in the waterway shaking
execute the plan in any way he can
be the best man. be a handy man

VS 2:
funny head man. with a territory mexican
goes hiding in the middle of cds by sam

has a plan malevolent
where he’s gone is where he went

winds the man in the waterway stalkin to
execute the plan in the way he’s walkin to
be the best man. havin grabby hands
Funny head handsome man
with a hanging bell waterway ink attack plan


VS 3
stands the man in the waterway shaking
execute the plan in any way he can
be the best man. be a handy man

has a beak behind a fin
funny head man does the thing again

stands the man in the waterway shaking
execute the plan in any way he can
be the best man. be a handy man
Track Name: Although it Would Be Nice
I been around the world 11 times
And I can still see the edge
when I squint today
this place is like the mideterranean
built like a castle and has a cafe

I’m not asking you to trust my judgement
I’m not asking for obedience of any kind

Being a ringer is exhausing
getting windy is a drag
but I like the attention
it gets a bit cold when you’re always cleverly disguised
as a winning guy a winning guy

although it would be nice
although it would be nice
wouldn’t it be nice
if I were made of stone
and I were a natural satellite
wouldn’t it be nice if you followed me and all my decisions turned out right

I been aroudn the world
seven thousand times and I can still see the edge
maybe you heard that I died
in the late heavy bombardment
Track Name: Stone Heads and Jaguars
colossal mask looked at me with stony eyes
3000 year old face. green pixel disguise
she suffers for my lies she watches their demise
the mariposa
the matador

stone heads and jaguars
watch what you do
stone heads and jaguars
they’re influencing you

mouth of the jaguar and the banks of the Coetzacualcos
san lorenzo the mother culture
they’re high on frogs they live with dogs
and turkeys and enormous stone heads
the mexican screw
the killer kool-ade

collosal heads and figurines are all we got
plus feathered serpents, sacreficial artifacts
they’ve gone away so
we go to Jacalito
Track Name: Machine Made Boy
Born in factory generally sickly
artificially kept alive
his life only possible by high technology

Grown entirely underground
lamps of sun and learning pills
his ambitions shaped by forces you and I cannot relate to

machine made boy
more powerful than you’d expect
grew so fast
now he’s the man who leads us

Full size now and fortified
he was not designed to die
his affections for the unaltered are keeping us alive

He loves you and you’ve been chosen
machine made boy has chosen you
I’ll assist in caring for your improbable child
Track Name: Building Up My Nerve
Bones in your head make it hard to touch your brain
and nothing’s ever going to be the same
skin on your flesh makes it hard to see your veins
sometimes blood is not so easy to contain

I’m building up my nerve
it’s time for you to be cured

cottonballs in my ears. so I don’t need to hear the cries
but I can see Anteitam in your eyes
after this you’ll go. if you survive, you’re going home
but I’ll be here with meat and blood and bone
Track Name: Checkers in the Rain
All your armies love to play checkers in the rain
reverb reflection’s got me excited
you’re invited to my play
I’ll be the Dog

All your armies love to have parties during their wars
Sea bird call has got me excited
you’re invited to stop your shaking
Come into my house

All your armies but one love to face their scariest fears
whites of their eyes got me excited
you’re invited to my show
I’ll be the drummer

All your armies love their mommies
the letters they wrote are so exciting
and I’m inviting them to my play
I’ll be the dog
I’ll be the dog
Track Name: Fin du Monde
ants awaken. flood’s receeded
live inside a tiny moment
over and over. over and over

set fire to the dead old building and run away
no one knows the carbon it holds so tightly
it’s all done being talked about
nothing lasts forever

Fin du Monde has many names
espere le monde reborn in flames

Pour accelerant on the fiber and run away
no one knows the trouble it holds
but everyone’s about to

It’s all done being talked to death
I’ve come to regret my choice of words
Track Name: Eat
hey I’m and eagle with a mouth full of mouse
looking at the people sitting in the house
spending all my days x3

Hey I’m a rabbit chewing on a leaf
nervouse and escapey I’m scared beyond belief
burning up the calories
reproducing anyways
spending all my days

You were made to know how to get what you need
from the environment around
such a vclever beast if nothing else at least you’ll eat

hey I’m a stereo playing all the livelong day
vibrating cones and magnet currents alternate
spinning all the EP’s
spinning all the longplays
spending all my days

Hey I’m a planet filled with gas and gravity
perturbing all the orbits of the asteroids around me
pulling in the comets
orbiting the big suns
spend my revolutions
Track Name: Hunger Artist
Look at her she’s busy scattering several artworks on the


She’s attending details real well.

I can’t believe the detail. I can’t believe the detail.

She’s super scrupulous. How do you like that?

How do you like that?

How do you like that Hunger artist?

How do you like that now?

Look at her, she’s wearing sweaters. All the sweaters at the

same time

She is athletic in the hot sun

I’m impressed cause I think it’s difficult. I’m pretty sure

it’s really difficult

Look at her she’s singing loud.

She’s growing bigger on the hillside

She’s a man and she’s a man and she’s angel

I can’t believe the concept. I can’t believe the concept.

Look at my man, she’s an artist

Concepts flowing freely from her hands to the tall clouds

I can’t explain the situation. I can’t explain the situation.

Look at me I’m up the hill now, soaking up the cloudy


I’m not the boss of anyone.

You are not something other now. You’re not something

other now.
Track Name: Navy Seals
The Navy Seals got Navy Blues they heard the news it broke on their faces
On top of spaghetti with commendations they lifted weights in lots of hot places

I want to thank them dearly but I don’t know how to reach em

We are going to solve your problems with stealth and rock climbing. We’ll be double timing.
Baby angels rhyming over beats for which they paid no licence fees.

Ordinary Times

The Navy Seals got Navy Blues they heard the news it broke on their faces
Track Name: I Need Leverage
Rolling down an inclined plane
A pulley in a weightless space
A sail in a vacuum in the backroom
With a beverage
I need Leverage

All I can smell is debt
My order is not in yet
Hard to chew with just top teeth. What should I eat
with a beverage?
I need Leverage

I never met you baby
Do you like me at all? That’s a maybe
Fall asleep watching TV
drinking a beverage?
I need Leverage
Track Name: The Ways of Being OK
If you don’t believe me
You wouldn’t want to be me
You’d probably leave me
If you want to pay me
With all your pennies
I’d be yours anyways

I been unruly
Need someone to school me
In the ways of being OK
I been unruly

So listen closely
We indicate mostly
What you ought to not to do
If you want to be a fool hey
It’ll be a long school day
And all your bad dreams will come true
Track Name: Fixed Hearted
In the teeth of the dragon overlooking te ocean of extreme size
Splashings intoxicated
Smells like a greying sky
Sounds like a troubling sigh

The salty songs under my skin like a broken academia
Followed the hairs into my pores
It's all about the details
The oceans in the background

Lazy drive in your scientific car
Crashing into stews and going super very far
Hey traveler you're in another place from where you started
You've become fixed hearted

When you're trying to do a good thing and it hurts like dirty wound
When the fluid in your head has a negative charge
When you hated it when it's really all right

I'll fix your heart with a medicine hat that you an wear In a marathon
In a place with nested irritants
Clean hide and seek
Seratonal harmonic techniques