Listen to Your Mind

by Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers



released March 21, 2017

Andy Nolte - Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Leila Henley - Woodwinds and Vocals
Sam Arnold - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Percussion, and Programming
Greg Yancey - Bass and Baritone Guitar
Dave Irish - Drums and Percussion
Mohadev - Electric Guitar

All songs written by Sam Arnold except 2, 6, and 11 written by Andy Nolte and Sam Arnold
Copyright 2017 Suave Entropy Music (ASCAP)

solos: Leila - 1, 5, 7, 8, 10; Mohadev - 3, 6, 11; Sam - 4, 7, 8, 9
Marimba on 12 by Chuck Fischer; bass on 4, 8 and 12 by Sam

Cover art by Brian McClaskey

Produced and mixed by Sam. Mastered by Greg. Mostly recorded by Sam except drums, most bass, and marimba were engineered by Greg. Andy and Mohadev recorded their own parts.



all rights reserved


Sam Arnold Austin, Texas Sam Arnold is a musician living in Austin TX. He plays guitar and sings for prog-punkers Opposite Day, and plays bass in Stop Motion Orchestra. In 2007, he produced his first solo album, followed by a quadrilogy of albums through 2014. On the latest album, he has a band of all-star geniuses called "Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers." He also makes electronic music. ... more

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Track Name: The Day the Dogs Lined Up
5 PM wednesday last week
it was a collective subconscious act
they were still themselves but took an uncharacteristic pause
whiskers wisked and collars called
the president calmed the people down
weather was nice and cars and trucks
all stopped to see what was going on

Good girls and good boys obeyed a different master then
power coursed through and fur stood on end

No dog explained the strange convergence
No dog acted as though this was wierd
big and small and brown and black
fluffy and sleek. they could not shake they could not speak
there were no tricks there were no treats
by sunset they dispersed in an orderly way
thursday was an ordinary day
Track Name: Chemical Change
Spark in dry leaves outrunning electricity
that’s how you sharpen tools that’s how you break the rules
that’s how you make a fire. that’s how you launch a mission

read my apostrophe that means I’m in posession
thus we record the lesson, thus we are taking tea
lets make a bigger fire. Let’s make demolition

Real Rain will wash the street after the fire is full
she will have eaten the city. now it’s elliptical
now we have parity, now we can have precision

Ashes what my house is. not what it used to be
well just look at it now. that is how you change a thing
Fire likes to reproduce She has a sexy use

I’ve been experiencing particles inside of me
used to respire a lot now shallow breath is all I got
I’ll die to tell the tale. my organs pass or fail

Spark in dry leaves outrunning electricity
that’s how you sharpen tools that’s how you break the rules
that’s how you make a fire. that’s how you launch a mission

My neighborhood. Chemical Change
its strange. Neither bad nor good.
Track Name: Digital God
I’ve been ruling my digital world benevolently
inventing kindly animals and plants and binary fungus
program requires a system of physical laws or some kind of logic upon which
the beings can rely now I make em replicate if the program can acommodate
the heritable traits will make some differentiate.

As time proceeds they live and die.
More complexity arises and shapes and sizes and digestion speed and thought processes

The simulation’s going to end.
I worry that it’s close at hand
Power Can’t be mine alone
Consciousness is evident
Track Name: What is the Fuss About
Ceramic artworks on the shelf up on the wall. They fell down
I don’t mean to be ungrateful at all, but I don’t care

What is all the fuss about?
Hey, what’s the big deal?

Dents in doors on a car that cost you a lot but it don’t bleed
Scratched CD’s and water has soaked your things nobody died

Sick with the plague your insides want to come out. You’ll be remembered
Nobody left but machines and the nuclear ash. We had a nice time.
Track Name: Small Thread
I saw a spider, it looked at me
it sat behind the poster, trying to be discreet
though she was honest
she was programmed to lie
I was decieved effectively for a while

my movement doomed me
now I can’t get free

I’m gonna loose my insides
they will be liquified
though she was honest
she was programmed to lie
I was decieved effectively for a while

that thread so small I couldn’t see it all

my movement doomed me
now I can’t get free
though she was honest
she was programmed to lie
I was decieved effectively for a while
Track Name: Listen to Your Mind
Don’t laugh at me. I’m wearing food upon my head like a hat
there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s what I think I ought to do
It’s how the symphonies get wet with all the juice
I was meditating with the cat

Listen to your mind. It’s right behind your eyes
so much thinking isn’t right. Listen to your mind

“Are you listening to yourself?” she said.
I don’t know why I would, he never listens to me
he just laughs and touches the food that I was going to eat
The fattest orchestras are climbing up the mental walls
there’s a word for that, but don’t you say it
don’t you, don’t you, don’t you say it
Track Name: Fall Back Down
There’s a hill it’s got flowers on it, even though it’s cybertronic.
Windy trees are so melodic
climbing with our bottles shaking with each step
put a foot uphill and rinse and repeat

Why not just rise to the challenge?
Why not just bend the light ray and say
“After all we could fall back down”?

There’s a stream lets go up waterfall
even though i don’t care our bodies
Just put your head above em
even nothing would be somthing to see
Gravity is plan B. I say we proceed
Track Name: Floating Babies
yesterday we were born on the ground
our lines caught wind and pulled us up
relaxed our systems, we slowed down a while
cold and small we followed the air

we’ve got time our future is long
floating babies
floating babies
circle the earth

up in the clouds and all around
my sisters and brothers and I are floating
where we’re going we don’t even know
we’ll rain down then we’ll molt and grow
parachuting to our new home
welcome us with open eyes and mouths

we’ve got time our future is long
floating babies
floating babies
circle the earth
Track Name: The Captain is Dead
We’re living deep in a wild island forest on the edge of the sea
nobody knows about
we’re hoping we’ll start to get closer to nature and our savagery
nobody else around

Our population in isolation
the captain is dead
Civilization take a vacation
i stabbed the captain so lets see what happens

The morning sunrise above the bananas
and the waves to the west
no ship and no supplies
we’re sleeping in the shade of the afternoon side
with coconut crabs
skeletons can’t be surprised
Track Name: Go To Sleep
Got a friend I can walk with
Got a trustworthy locksmith
got a time of uday to awaken
got a little glue for heart breakin
I got a thought to believe in
I got shipping and I got recieving

I got a problem and I got a joke I don’t get
I gotta get out of here and I gotta go to sleep

got a spot of strong coffee
got most of the dirt off me
got a pile of clean laundry
got an elephant baby
I got money who will with save you
I got unpredictable behavior

I got a system for deciding
I got a way to know if you been lying
I got a time of night to stop dreaming
I got storage space and I got a feeling
I got a critique and I got a good word
I got a drain and it’s got a leak
Track Name: Live Like a Human
Check out the good situation
orderly animation, astronaut destination
check out the human origins
they get nervous before trips except after a few sips

who wants to live like a human anyway?

all aboard the orange blossom special
your seat assignment improbably comfortable
you got a tap on the tree.
I want you to share it with me

who wants to live like a human anyway?

nobody’s in this section
all my friends are dead and tired
outside is chilly and the windy silly
my mind is invented and my face is made up.

Engineering plant seeds and living in cement cities
Learning all about dead friends working hard to get more things
I see them having such a hard time surviving in environments that want them dead

I see them staring at screens and trying to find out where they need to go
Making big societies that push down the ground as they reah as high as the birds already go. Having one baby at a time?
Track Name: Creatures Are Sleeping
Creatures are sleeping going to bed
They roamed free but now they’re in jail
Dreaming of food, dreaming of feelings
Dreams come true. Light shining through

Objects pretending to have opinions
(it appears they don’t want to be real. The believe it’s too much trouble)

I think I was dreaming while I was sleeping
I had a feeling I wasn’t alone
Illuminate corners with darkness
No albido do reflection at all

The shadows they cast light the corners
With their absence with their absence
It appears they don’t want to be real
They believe it’s too much trouble

Take a vacation start it yesterday
I’ll be a baby and I’ll be so tall
Trying to show dream documentaries
You can project them on a blank wall

Creatures are sleeping going to bed
They were in jail but not anymore.